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“I prefer circles of sharing to pyramids and hierarchies…conversation to construction…usually choose nurturance and empathy over competition and climbing.” (excerpt from Richard Rohr)

Me too.  


To continue to thrive in business development, marketing and consulting, I need to understand the value of an organization, product or service at a deep level. The discovery and diagnosis is titillating but the data collection fosters change.

A nontraditional student, I was fortunate to receive on-the-job theory and practical experience in leadership development, group dynamics, change management, conflict, organizational culture, system diagnosis and design.

I don’t have the academic chops, or desire, to provide research theory or thought leadership. I enjoy applying theory and measuring the outcome. After all, an innovation is just an idea, an untested assumption, if it isn’t tested (and data collected).

And, then, I tell the story, connecting the experience and outcome to the brand (personal or organizational). Storytelling is powerfully effective in facilitating change. Stories Matter.




Cell: 610.357.7047