Empowering people and fueling business performance through strong leadership, mental processes, and behavioral change. 

Executive Coaching and Consulting highlights include working with talented high-achieving leaders, in healthcare systems, higher education institutions, nonprofits and entrepreneurial companies, to accelerate their influence and impact and foster growth into higher levels of inspired and authentic leadership, helping them to experiment with new ways of thinking and stretch behaviors as well as building skills and new capabilities.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching is a client-driven process that’s distinct from other service professions, such as counseling, mentoring, consulting and training.


Our work together will focus on enhancing your leadership or management performance and overall personal development. We’ll identify outcomes to improve your professional performance, personal satisfaction and the effectiveness of your role within your organization.

Typical benefits of Executive Coaching include:

  • Enhanced leadership skillsets
  • Enhanced productivity, by focusing on what matters
  • Enhanced ability to deliver effective feedback and communication
  • Heightened self-awareness
  • Higher levels of emotional intelligence and empathy


Utilizing a systems-thinking framework, support key talent management strategies for sustaining high performance organizations in alignment with mission, values, culture and strategic priorities. Facilitating organizational initiatives across the corporation to enhance human resource capacity, promote strategic thinking to increase efficiency, identify and develop best practice standards, provide ongoing assessment and diagnostics to uncover trends, insights, organizational issues/needs.

Essential functions include consultation, needs assessment, instructional design, development and evaluation of courseware and educational programs, training delivery and facilitation, and assistance with executing corporate learning initiatives.


Utilizing adult learning principles and proven methodologies to design training and learning solutions in alignment with organizational goals and objectives and comprised of engaging and interactive components. Measuring effectiveness of training and learning solutions through evaluation and analysis, surveys, focus groups, interviews, performance outcomes; make value-added recommendations and changes based on evaluation findings

  • Strategic Planning
  • Mission/Vision/Values
  • Team Building & Problem Solving
  • Daring Greatly™ & Rising Strong™ (co-facilitated Daring Way™ certified Donna Knudsen PsyD)
  • Grief in the Workplace

Samples of Work

Provided executive coaching for a Managing Director of a large professional services agency. Highly regarded for his academic and subject matter expertise, the Managing Director was interested in further developing his strategic perspective and leadership capacity. Conducted and utilized feedback from 360 as well as an organizational assessment to develop an Action Plan. Although the Managing Director initially struggled to implement the Action Plan strategies, time was spent reflecting and adjusting to ensure that the Plan was in alignment with his and his stakeholders’ expectations. As a result of coaching, he designed (and began implementation of) an execution schedule as well as ongoing evaluation strategy to measure and promote sustainable change.

Coached the newly-selected CEO of a nonprofit athletic organization. The CEO’s leadership style, which focused on systems thinking, was highly valued by the organization; however, she was conscious of the fact that she was following a more rigid, risk-averse individual who held the role previously. Coaching focused on increasing emotional intelligence and self-awareness, enhancing recognition of her personal strengths and blind spots, and identifying interpersonal dynamics. Specific action steps including helping the CEO to find the necessary clarity to prioritize and open space for new opportunities as she began taking on a more holistic approach.

Facilitated an 18-month comprehensive strategic planning process for a medical school within a large multidisciplinary health sciences campus and large health system. Chris co-created this program in concert with stakeholders including the Dean, Department Chairs, and other senior leaders. The strategic planning process included a variety of activities with stakeholder groups designed to identify and evaluate available choices as well as strategizing how to best overcome potential barriers and successfully implement necessary change. Working from the data gathered in the strategic planning process, Chris then designed and facilitated sessions to revisit the organization’s current mission to identify gaps as part of a broader, system-wide change management project. Through several team-building exercises, she gathered real-time data to challenge the strength of mission through appreciative inquiry and system thinking. With the goal to increase accountability and foster cultural norms aligned with organizational core values, designed and facilitated working sessions with various stakeholders to identify and clearly define measurable, tangible and observable behavioral guidelines. Created Core Values assessment for ongoing internal use to monitor and guide professional development. As a result of this inclusive program, the revised mission and core values served as the filter for the resulting 5 year strategic plan and priorities.