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Life & Leadership Lessons: Doug Pederson

Exceptional leaders capture passion. Attuned to the needs and dreams of people they lead, they create conditions for individuals and organizations to thrive, and soar. And they use their emotional intelligence to do it. Leaders also come in all shapes and sizes,  What does that look like? Well, to those of us in the Philadelphia area,…

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The Tech Industry’s Gender-Discrimination Problem

By Sheelah Kolhatkar, The New Yorker, 11/20/17 The dramatic imbalance in pay and power has created the conditions for abuse. More and more, women are pushing for change. “Many startups begin as a collection of young entrepreneurs in a room, with no clear rules. They rarely have human-resources departments at first, meaning that there is no…

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Use the WorkWhile Life App!

If you’re curious, courageous and seeking community, join the WorkWhile Life community. Use this app to engage other members, archive great info and exchange/share stimulating information.

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